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Hallie Minich

“With John’s coaching, I’ve earned more than I’ve earned in my entire life!”

- Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician and Corporate Consultant, Virginia

Dr. Ira Bloomfield

“Thanks to John Di Lemme’s coaching, we now earn double in one month than what we used to earn in an entire year!”

– Christen Adolfi, Broker and Realtor, New York

Here’s Just a Glimpse of What
You can Achieve with John Di Lemme's
Coaching Programs...

Build a Presentation for your Business to Close More Sales than Ever Before

How to Maximize and Monetize Every Area of Your Business Online and Offline

Write and Publish a Book to Use as a Marketing Tool for Your Business

Create a First and Last Million Dollar Impression – The Ritz-Carlton Effect

Maximize Your Website and Stop Wasting Time and Money on Useless Online Stuff

Learn What to Write and Send Your Past Customers that will Catapult Your Marketing Results

Build a Call to Action to Explode Your ResultsMake Your Phone Ring Off the Hook with Buying Customers!

Stop Wasting Time in Your Life, Spinning Your Wheels, and Worrying about What to Do Next

Brand and Promote Your Product or Service to Gain that Competitive Edge that You’ve Always Wanted

Write Ads, Flyers, Websites, Emails, and Other Marketing Pieces that Actually Produce Results and Not Just Look Good

Generate Qualified Leads and Reactivate Past Customers to Build Long-Term Relationships that will Generate Huge Revenue

Make Offers Based on What Your Customers Really Want and Exceed Their Expectations to Create Loyalty that will Last for Years

Put Your Dreams into Action, Move Out of the Thinking Stage, and Stop Asking Failures What to Do

Increase Sales and Overall Profitability by Creating Value that Exceeds Price… Never Lower Prices!

Make People Stop Dead in Their Footsteps When They Walk by Your Table at Expos, Tradeshows, and/or Speaking Engagements

Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Click the Button Below to Schedule Your Strategic Success Assessment and Discover How to Break Records in Your Business Like Never Before...

Raving Reviews from
Just a Few of John’s Clients…

Dr. Christa Krzeminski

10 Times Anything You Could’ve Imagined

“As John Di Lemme’s coaching student, I’ve achieved a higher level of success that I honestly never even dreamed of. What’s incredible about John is that you’ll never be able to outgrow him, and he always exceeds my expectations in every coaching session. John’s vision for you and your business will be 10 times anything you could’ve imagined, and he sees opportunities that you simply would’ve missed. I’m absolutely breaking records and recently had the largest month that I’ve had in the history of my business.”

– Vin Russo, Owner of Sofia Hair Salon and Hair by Vin, Florida

Dr. Christa Krzeminski

Earn More Money than Ever in 22 Years of Business!

"It's hard to know exactly who to trust in today's world, but John Di Lemme is the REAL Deal and an expert in how to market and build your business. The strategies that I learned from John’s socialism versus capitalism teaching provided that little bit of extra that I needed to earn more money than ever in my 22 years of business plus build my client list long-term.”

– Dr. Christa Krzeminski, Chiropractor & Holistic Health Practitioner, Florida

John Adolfi

From Selling 30 Homes a Year to Over 350!

“John Di Lemme specializes in old school principals based on America’s proven and time-tested system of capitalism that will catapult results for anyone, in any business or with any goal. Since I started coaching with John, I went from selling just 30 homes a year to over 350 homes a year!"

- John Adolfi, Real Estate Broker, New York

Dr. Ira Bloomfield

My Income is the Highest Ever in My Career…

"John Di Lemme is the best business coach I have ever worked with. You cannot match the level of information, skill, and most of all integrity that you get with John. He will be tough when I need to hear it most and challenges me to be my best so that I can keep the edge that makes me the best in my profession. My income since I've been coaching with John has been the highest of my 40+ year career as a medical professional. I recommend John entirely and without any reservation."

- Dr. Ira Bloomfield, Physician & Corporate Executive, Virginia

Call/Text (561) 847-3467 or Click the Button Below to Schedule Your Strategic Success Assessment and Discover How to Break Records in Your Business Like Never Before...

*All prospective clients and clients have the option to sign a non-disclosure agreement for your confidential and/or proprietary information that you share with John Di Lemme.

*A minimum $15,000 investment is the starting point to be considered for coaching with John Di Lemme.