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Never Prejudge in Business: How It Impacts Your Overall Level of Success

Prejudging your customers, clients, patients, or anyone who patronizes your business will result in loss of profits and relationships that could have catapulted your level of success.

Prejudge means making a mental decision prior to even engaging in a sales conversation or presentation. In your mind, you’re already saying, “You know what? This person doesn’t have what it takes to invest in this home.

This person doesn’t have what it takes to invest in this network marketing opportunity. This person doesn’t have what it takes to invest my product or service.”

Never prejudge a potential client, customer, patient or prospect. This will be one of the worst mistakes that you make in your career!

Remember, I was never prospected for the industry of network marketing. No one ever prospected me. I was a stuttering twenty-four year old kid from Yonkers, New York that was simply not attractive to the average business builder.

Here’s the kicker…

If someone would have prospected that stuttering kid, they would have earned over $1.1 million off the business that I built. I learned the industry and I was looking, but no one ever approached me and gave me a chance to show my potential.

People prejudged me. They looked at me and saw a 24-year old, stuttering kid that worked for his successful family business and had a college education. They assumed that I was completely happy with my great level of success.

That mindset cost numerous people millions — literally over a million dollars.

What they didn’t see was that I was tired of working around the clock and was actively looking for another way of achieving financial freedom. I was hungry for change!

Think about it for a second…

I lived in Yonkers, New York. I was often in Manhattan or Long Island. These are very heavily populated areas yet no one, no one – NO ONE ever walked up to me and said, “By any chance, are you looking to earn extra income? Do you love what you’re doing? Do you want to be free?”

Instead, people prejudged me. They walked by me every single day. It was definitely their loss!

Never prejudge. You must internalize this by saying to yourself, “I will NEVER prejudge someone in my business.”

You never know where someone’s coming from. Don’t judge them by how they dress, the car they drive or where they live. You never know what’s going on inside their mind.

Most people who you think have money don’t have it, and those you think that don’t have it have it, have tons of it.

When you meet a potential client, have an open mind. This was one strategy that catapulted my level of success.

I treated every single person that I showed my business presentation to like they were my next top business partner.

When you walk into a business presentation and you’re already saying to yourself, “I don’t think this person has what it takes to invest in my product. I don’t think this person has what it takes to get involved in this business.”

I don’t care what you are selling – real estate, legal services, high-end art, nutrition products, furniture, kitchen cabinets, network marketing products/services, insurance, travel, , etc.   If you prejudge that person before you even begin your business presentation, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Instead, enter the sales presentation with the Always Be Opening mindset saying to yourself, “I’m opening up a new relationship. I’m not prejudging this potential client, customer, prospect, patient, etc.

I will show my product/business the exact same way to everyone with the belief that this person will become my customer long-term.”

You walk into every business meeting with the expectation that you are opening up a new relationship. Your mindset going into it will allow you to do a better presentation and allow your excitement, belief, conviction, and commitment to flow through you.

That’s what people buy! They buy who you are…

They physically buy your product or service, but they were sold on you.

No matter if you’re in one-on-one sales or network marketing, the potential customer is ultimately buying you. They have to believe in you.

If you walk in with a mindset of “I don’t believe this person has what it takes to invest in this product or service.”, then they’re going to feel that. They’ll feel your non-belief.

I love walking into some of the snooty shopping areas of Palm Beach in my gym clothes. If the salesperson judges me on my clothing and gives me an attitude, then I walk right out the door. I refuse to sow my money into bad ground.

In other words, I ain’t giving my money to someone that treats me like garbage. That’s exactly what your potential client will be thinking in their minds too if you prejudge them.

Don’t fool yourself to think that they won’t know. They will notice the minute that you walk into the room. They will feel your lack of belief in them, and that will dramatically cut your closing ratio down by 80 percent.

If you looked at me during the day wearing my beat up sneakers, workout tank top and my workout pants., you’d walk right by me and say, “Who is he? He doesn’t have a job. Only a loser walks around in the middle of the afternoon dressed like that with a hat on and unshaven.”

You are probably smirking right now, because you know that you have prejudged someone that looks exactly like that for your own business.

Little do most people know, I can walk around like that in the middle of the afternoon, because I am free to do what I want, when I want and with who I want to do it with. That’s far from being a loser!

A prejudging mindset backed up with assumptions will cost you millions!

Allow EVERYONE the opportunity to own and take advantage of your exclusive offer to own your products. Enter every sales presentation with the belief that the person in front of you is your next big sale. I believe everyone has a champion inside them.

Remember who I was and where I came from. No one ever prospected me. I had to answer an ad to get involved in network marketing and earn a million dollars. Isn’t that incredible? No one gave me a chance.

Don’t you fall into that same trap of judging people. An open mind lead will lead to changing lives and building a very prosperous business.




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