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Marketing Versus Selling: Understanding the Difference will Catapult Your Success

Most people believe that selling and marketing are the same thing.

They definitely are not!

I really dislike the whole notion of selling; however, I’m an absolute fanatic about marketing.

First, let me tell you seven reasons that I dislike the word “selling”…

Reason #1 – Not Caring
For most people, the word “selling” has a negative connotation, and they don’t believe the salesperson cares about them. This teaching is not about salespeople. It’s about the mindset of a person focused solely on selling. Selling is not caring for your customer.

Reason #2 – Self Centered
When someone focuses mainly on selling, they become self-centered instead of customer centered. They are only concerned about what they can do to increase their commissions, daily sales, etc. Your customers will never respect this type of behavior.

Reason #3 – Buy Now or They are Gone Forever
If you don’t buy immediately from most sales people, you will never hear from them again. Why? Because they are focused on selling and making the sale instead of building client relationships.

Reason #4 – Fine Print
Have you ever agreed to buy something based on the promises or guarantees of the sales person? But when it’s time to pay and sign the dotted line, the tiny fine print is much different from what the salesperson told you. This is dishonest! They are trying to trick you into buying. If you are marketing an ethical product or service, then you shouldn’t have to trick your customers to invest in your business.

Reason #5 – Fake Smile and Cheesy Attitude
One major reason that I can’t stand the word “selling” is because of the salespeople with fake smiles and cheesy attitudes. They pretend like they care about your wants and needs as a customer, but the moment you let them know that you aren’t buying anything, they become instantly disinterested in
you. Don’t fall for this! You can tell if they aren’t genuine.

Reason #6 – Talk Too Much
This one speaks for itself! Most salespeople focused on selling don’t shut up! They talk, talk, talk, and then talk some more! They really believe that the more they talk, the more you buy. It’s just the opposite. They should close their mouths and listen to their customers so they know what you really want.

Reason #7 – Scripts
One of the most annoying things about the selling mindset is the use of scripts especially when you can tell when someone is reading from a script. Here’s a major tip. Just talk to your customers. Listen to their wants and needs. Throw away the script!

Now, let me tell you the Top *7* Reasons why I am Fanatic about Marketing…

Reason #1 – Specialist in Solving a Problem
Your marketing should be focused on what problem your product or service can solve for your customers. How will your product or service change your customers’ lives? You may not think this is possible, but think about it. When you become a specialist in solving the problems of your customers, your business will skyrocket.

You must develop the mindset within your Client that you are a Specialist in your niche and that will come over time through consistent communication to them. The power of outgoing mailers and dialogue emails/texts allows you to develop the belief in your client that you are a specialist.

Reason #2 – Opportunity to Create Extraordinary Experiences
You have endless opportunities to create extraordinary experiences for your customers. What is an extraordinary customer experience? It’s something that will make your customers remember you forever.

Many times, it’s something small that would be insignificant to someone other than your client. Other times, it’s simply creating an enjoyable experience when your customers invest in your product or service. Take advantage of every opportunity to create extraordinary experiences for your customers!

Reason #3 – Listen
An important part of marketing your product or service is actively listening to your customers. This is something that most sales people don’t do. Think back to the last interaction that you had with a customer. If you talked more than they did, then you must change that.

You will be surprised how much your customers will love that you listen to them because when you listen then they will listen to what you have to offer them.

Reason #4 – Learn
When you actively listen to your clients, you will learn EXACTLY what type of product or service they want and you will be able to effectively recommend your product or service to meet their needs. Learning more equals earning more in business!

Not just earning more income, but earning the respect and loyalty of your customers. Make a habit of listening to your customers and learning what they really want!

Reason #5 – Qualified Lead
Despite what most business owners and entrepreneurs think, not every human being that can fog up a mirror is a qualified lead for your business. Who is a qualified lead for your business? It’s someone that is interested in your product or service. They are experiencing a problem in their lives that your product or service solves.

Qualified leads ARE NOT on a list that you buy online for $20. If they do not personally give you their information, do not call them. Cold calling is
annoying and intrusive, because you are calling leads that are not interested in your product or service. There are thousands of qualified leads that are waiting for you to market to them. They are interested in your product or service. Activate them NOW!

Reason #6 – Notoriously Known For
What are you notoriously known for in your business? For instance, I’m known for extreme customer service and raving reviews. Anyone that enters my business atmosphere is confident that they will receive extreme customer service backed by hundreds of rock-solid reviews. Yes, reviews of REAL people with REAL results!

What are you known for in business? Make sure it’s something positive and not anything negative like poor customer service, cheap products, etc.  Be notoriously known for excellence in your business!

Reason #7 – Lifetime, Long-Term Customer
I would rather have lifetime, long-term, loyal customers than all the confusion businesses focus on these days. Such as their social media presence and how good their website looks. Focus on building REAL relationships with your customers not superficial relationships that have no value. Your customers want a relationship with you!

When you build lifetime, long-term relationships with your customers, they will support you and your business forever! See I told you that selling and marketing are very different! Never label yourself a salesperson or focus your efforts solely on selling. Commit to be a marketer that truly cares about your clients, and you will inevitably build a HUGE business!

Commit to be a marketer not a salesperson. No one likes to be sold! Focus on building long-term relationships with your customers, provide extreme customer service, and be known for nothing less than excellence in your business.

You ARE a Marketer!

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