You are currently viewing *10* Highly-Effective Marketing Steps to Never be a Casualty of Being So Busy that You Go Broke

*10* Highly-Effective Marketing Steps to Never be a Casualty of Being So Busy that You Go Broke

Marketing Step #1: Be Truthful at the End of Your Day with Zero Ego

At the end of every day, you must ask yourself, “What did I accomplish today, and what must I do better to take my business to the next level?”

Be truthful with yourself about what you did or didn’t accomplish. Then commit to plan and prepare for the next day so that you are constantly in forward moving momentum.

Marketing Step #2: Generate a Qualified Lead

A “qualified” lead is someone that is interested in the product or service that you offer. This is where most businesses make critical mistakes, because they waste time on lead generation that doesn’t work such as buying lists, cold calling, and networking events. Those are not qualified leads!

Focus on building relationships with people that are interested in your product or service.

Marketing Step #3: A Seamless Experience for Your Customers

Seamless is defined as “smoothly continuous.”  That’s exactly what your customers should experience every single time that they do business with you. No matter if they are a new client or they’ve been loyal to your business for years.

Their experience with your business should be consistent and nothing less than a standard of excellence.

Marketing Step #4: Live in Expectation for Your Customers

From the very moment that you meet a customer, you must expect that your product or service will in some way change their life. It doesn’t matter what product or service you are marketing.

Living in an atmosphere of expectation about your business will make your belief in what your product or service can do for your customers undeniable.

Marketing Step #5: Provide Your Clients and Prospects with Education Based Content about Your Business

Do your clients really know the value of your business and how your product or service will meet and exceed their needs? One of the biggest mistakes that I see businesses make is wasting money on marketing of fancy logos, sales, etc. that say nothing about what the business actually does for the customer.

Instead, share education based content about your business that your customers will value.

Marketing Step #6: Make Recommendations and Suggestions

Something that really drives me crazy is when I walk into a business, someone asks me if I need help, and then they fail to make a recommendation or suggestion about their product or service. How do I know what to buy if they don’t tell me?

It’s the same for your business. Actively listen to what your customer wants and then make a recommendation or suggestion about your
product or service. They don’t know if you don’t tell them!

Marketing Step #7: Use Dissatisfied and Frustrated in Your Marketing

Many of your customers are considering your product or service, because they are dissatisfied with a similar product/service or they are frustrated by an issue that your product/service can resolve.

Use the words “dissatisfied” and “frustrated” in your marketing to tell your customers that your product/service will relieve the stress that they are currently experiencing or solve a finally solve a problem that has impacted their lives in some way.

Marketing Step #8: Build Loyalty by Treating People Right

Loyalty is created when you treat your customers with respect and show them how much you appreciate them. It sounds simple, but most businesses don’t do it.

When you let your customers know on a consistent basis how much you value your relationship with them, you will build a raving
fan base that will be loyal to your business for years to come.

Marketing Step #9: Share Your Raving Reviews

Before I buy a product, I look at the reviews. Your customers are no different so make sure that you are sharing your current, raving reviews about your product/service.

Your reviews instantly tell someone why they should invest in your product/service and what your product/service has done for
current customers. REAL people with REAL results!

Marketing Step #10: Explain the Benefits of Your Product/Service

Your customers are definitely interested in the features of your product/service, but they are more interested in how your product/service will benefit them. How will it change their life? What problem will it solve? How will it end their frustration?

Explaining the benefits of your product or service shows your customer exactly how their life will be made better through your business. Benefits trigger your customer’s buy button by telling them why they must invest in your product or service.

I challenge you to implement these Marketing Proven Steps in your business today and start taking advantage of the greatest economy ever. You are worth of success and deserve it in every area of your life!

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