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9 Little EXTRA Marketing Mindsets to Absolutely Guarantee Your Breakthrough

It only takes a little EXTRA to go from ordinary and mediocre to EXTRAordinary and miraculous! These four little EXTRA mindsets are exactly what you need to take your business to the next level and experience a miraculous breakthrough.

Breakthrough is defined as “any significant or sudden advance, important discovery, development, achievement, or increase that removes a barrier to progress.” It’s also defined as “a military movement or advance all the way through and beyond an enemy’s front-line defense.”

In order to advance (move forward) and achieve your next level breakthrough, you must break through the front-line defense of the enemy of fear, doubt, procrastination, and limited thinking that is keeping you from your breakthrough.

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #1 – Faithfully Decisive to Market Effectively:

You must make the decision to market effectively in order to achieve your giant goals and build a huge business. See what everyone else is doing…and do the opposite!
That’s effective marketing!

But it will take a step of faith to risk doing something different than everyone else around you. Your next level is worth it so make the decision to be different and market effectively!

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #2 – The Top *2* Emotional Assets Your Customers Want to Know You Offer – Reliability and Dependability:

Reliability and dependability are a must in business! Your customers want to know that they can rely on you and depend on you to provide a product or service with nothing less than a standard of excellence.

When your customers can depend on you, they have no reason to go anywhere else and will remain loyal to your business. Plus they will refer others to your business (without you asking), because they know that they can rely on you and that you value your relationship with them.

Plus use “dissatisfied” and “frustrated” in your marketing. Many of your customers are considering your product or service, because they are dissatisfied with a similar product/service or they are frustrated by an issue that your product/service can resolve. Using these words in your marketing will tell your customers that your business will relieve the stress that they are currently experiencing and finally solve a problem that has impacted their lives in some way.

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #3 – Today is the Day that I Activate My #1 Client Ever! (Living in All Out Expectation!):

In order to achieve the next level of success, you must live “daily” in an atmosphere of expectation that you will activate your #1 client ever and absolutely break records.

If you don’t expect this radical level of success, then you don’t truly believe it’s possible and you will never achieve it. Achieving starts with believing! Going into every single day with an attitude of expectation that the impossible is possible for you!

Additionally, live in expectation for your customers. From the very moment that you meet a customer, you must expect that your product or service will in some way change their life. It doesn’t matter what product or service you are marketing. Living in an atmosphere of expectation about your business will make your belief in what your product or service can do for your customers undeniable.

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #4 – Creating an Emotional Experience that My Client Remembers is My Responsibility:

These emotional experiences are created during your daily, focused, preparation time. In order to create memorable experiences for your clients, you must invest your time in daily, focused preparation. This is when your creativity comes alive, and you develop the confidence to create emotional, memorable experiences for your clients.

A seamless experience for your clients is defined as “smoothly continuous.” That’s exactly what your experience every single time that they do business with you. No matter if they are a new client or they’ve been loyal to your business for years. Their experience with your business should be consistent and nothing less than a standard of excellence.

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #5 – Provide Your Clients and Prospects with Education Based Content about Your Business:

Do your clients really know the value of your business and how your product or service will meet and exceed their needs?

One of the biggest mistakes that I see businesses make is wasting money on marketing of fancy logos, sales, discounts, etc. that say nothing about what the business actually does for the customer.

Instead, share education based content about your business that your customers will value. This material should tell your customers what they need to know about your business and you as the owner. Your customers should know the heart of your business and that they are your top priority.

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #6 – Make Recommendations and Suggestions:

Something that really drives me crazy is when I walk into a business, someone asks me if I need help, and then they fail to make a recommendation or suggestion about their product or service.

How do I know what to buy if they don’t tell me? After all, it’s their business. They are the professional, right? It’s the same for your business. Actively listen to what your
customer wants and then make a recommendation or suggestion about your product or service.

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #7 – Build Loyalty by Treating People Right:

Loyalty is created when you treat your customers with respect and show them how much you appreciate them. It sounds simple, but most businesses don’t do it. Not because they can’t…because they won’t make the effort!

When you let your customers know on a consistent basis how much you value your relationship with them, you will build a raving fan base that will be loyal to your business for years to come. Treating people right is a core fundamental that your business must have to go to the next level.

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #8 – Share Your Raving Reviews:

Before I buy a product, I look at the reviews. Your customers are no different so make sure that you are sharing your current, raving reviews about your product or service. Your reviews instantly tell someone why they should do business with you and what

your product or service has done for your current customers. REAL people with REAL results!

Little EXTRA Marketing Mindset #9 – Explain the Benefits of Your Product or Service:

Your customers are definitely interested in the features of your product or service, but they are more interested in how your product or service will benefit them. How will it change their life? What problem will it solve? How will it end their frustration?

Explaining the benefits of your product or service shows your customer exactly how their life will be made better through your business. Benefits trigger your customer’s buy button by telling them why they must do business with you.

I challenge you to implement these little EXTRA Marketing Mindsets in your life and business today. Your breakthrough is just around the corner! Don’t stop until you achieve it!

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