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*8* No Holds Barred, In It to Win It, Marketing Words to Explode Your Financial Results

Your marketing should speak directly to your customers, grab their attention, and tell them exactly why they should do business with you.

When your customers read your marketing are they eager to try your product/service or do they read it and then forget about it? The words that you use in your marketing will either make or break your business.

The following words will kick start your marketing and make your customers listen to you!

No Holds Barred Marketing Word(s) #1 – Are You Kidding Me?

“Are you kidding me” refers to the conversation that your customer is having in their mind when they understand your business goes beyond the call of duty. This is their mental response toyour extreme customer service.

Your goal is to WOW your customers during every conversation and transaction. When you wow your customers, they will refer your business to everyone they know. That’s exactly how you build your new clientele and strengthen the relationships with your current customers.

No Holds Barred Marketing Word(s) #2 – Real People, Real Results 

Society in general has a “review mindset.”  Think about how often you buy something simply because of the reviews you’ve read.

Reviews are basically Real People with Real Results that give us a reason to believe in a product or service and ultimately guide our buying decisions. You must let your reviews and testimonials speak for your business too.

When you have real customers that love the results from using your products/services, ask them to write a short review about why they love doing business with you. All of your marketing should have Real People sharing their Real Results. The more reviews you share, the more trust people will have in you and your business.

No Holds Barred Marketing Word #3 – Shocking

There’s so much power in using the word “shocking” in your marketing. Your customers want to be shocked by the outrageous deals that you are offering them.

Plus this word will grab the attention of your customers like this, “Here is a shocking offer for you!”

Who wouldn’t want to hear that from a business? This one word will create a shocking effect that will excite your customers, and the aftermath of this shock will leave an everlasting impact on your customers.

No Holds Barred Marketing Word #4 – Conquer 

There are certain things that people want to conquer in their lives, and they are looking for ways to do it.

Your potential customers need to know that your product/service will assist them in conquering a challenge in their lives. Using this powerful word in your marketing will peak your customers’ curiosity and drive them to see how  your product and service can truly assist them in overcoming an issue.

It also shows your customer that you are confident in your business, will stand behind your product/service, and believe that you can solve a problem that they are experiencing.

No Holds Barred Marketing Word #5 – Solution 

Your potential customers are ultimately looking for a solution to their needs.

“How would you like the solution to…”

Using this statement in your marketing will instantly get your customers’ attention and draw them to your business. What’s going on in your customers’ lives that they want a solution for?

No Holds Barred Marketing Word #6 – Now

“Now” is a word of confidence and completion. You want your customers to make the decision to invest in your product/service now.

Using this word in your marketing encourages your customers to take action NOW or they could possibly lose out on a great deal. A common hindrance in all businesses is customer procrastination, which basically means that customers waiver back and forth instead of taking immediate action.

This doesn’t have to repeatedly happen in your business. Convey to your customers in your marketing why they must take action NOW, and why there’s no reason to look any further for your product/service.

No Holds Barred Marketing Word #7 – Announcing 

Make announcements about what’s going on in your business. Announce new updates, products, services, and reviews.

People pay attention to announcements especially when they know it will benefit them. Making announcements about your business will keep your customers engaged and interested in what’s going on in your business.

Plus it will make them part of your business and let them know that you value your relationship with them!

No Holds Barred Marketing Word #8 – Dissatisfied 

When people are dissatisfied and frustrated, they go elsewhere.

Grab the attention of your potential customers that have been dissatisfied with other businesses in your niche, and let them know they can count on you to cure this dissatisfaction.

Using this word in your marketing will also tell your current customers that you are focused on them, their satisfaction with your product/service is important to you, and you will go above and beyond to guarantee their satisfaction.

Start implementing these Words in your marketing today to build long-term relationships with your customers, take your business to the next level, and achieve the massive results that you desire.

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