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*5* Extreme Customer Service Attitudes to Build Bulletproof Loyalty and Create Revenue

The #1 proven and time-tested secret of billion-dollar companies is providing extreme customer service. The customer service culture you create in your business should be so unbelievable and mind blowing that your customers will say that never have experience it anywhere else.

Your customer service attitude will undoubtedly build loyalty with your customers. When your loyalty is built, your revenue will consistently increase

Extreme Customer Service Attitude #1: Element of Surprise

Giving bonuses is an intricate part of developing extreme customer service. The number Goal of a bonus is to create a jaw dropping effect with it through the element of surprise with it.

Give your clients an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives; Surprise them with something special and memorable!

Throw something extra into a package for a client that they will remember forever. Send a special gift that you know a client will appreciate. Your clients will remember these gestures forever.

Once you implement this extreme customer service attitude into your business, you can guarantee that your clients will remember you and do business with you forever. Loyalty is the key.

Let me ask you a question. What can you do to increase the element of surprise with your bonuses for your clients?

Extreme Customer Service Attitude #2: Handwritten Notes

Handwritten notes create tremendous value that will build huge loyalty with your clients. When tremendous value is created it will always exceed the price objection.

These notes are personal and build the relationship between you and your clients. Schedule a time each and everyday to write and send a handwritten note to a client. This is something that is so simple, yet incredibly impactful.

These days with all the technology no one ever expects to receive handwritten notes, especially from business owners. Sending your clients notes will show them that you care about them and truly appreciate that as a client.

When they understand that you care about them, they will trust you. When the trust is built, you will have a lifelong client. Take your extreme customer service to the next level with the attitude of handwritten notes.

Extreme Customer Service Attitude #3:  Special Feeling

As soon as you enter the atmosphere of a customer-service based business, you immediately feel special. When your clients enter your atmosphere, their first response should be, “Are you kidding me?” because of the unique, special feeling about the environment you have creates.

People should be in awe of the level of customer service in your business.

When you go the extra mile for your clients consistently, they will naturally tell their family and friends, and the response will most likely be “Are
you kidding me?”

As your clients leave you, are they leaving with a special feeling or are they leaving thinking that you paid little attention to them?

Go above and beyond for your clients and implement immediately this standard of excellence within your business. Ultimately this attitude is summed up by making sure each and every second you appreciate your clients today by making sure they feel special.

Extreme Customer Service Attitude #4: Cleanliness to the Extreme

During every second of an experience in your business, your client should feel as if it’s a grand opening.

The Attitude within your business is that each day that you open for business it should feel and look like a Grand Opening.

You want to make sure cleanliness is a habit in your business; it’s a proven champion habit that your clients will notice and truly appreciate. Your
environment can never be too clean.

Once you may think you get to the point of your business being crystal clean, keep cleaning! A clean environment makes your guests feel welcomed and excited to be in your presence.

Clean up your business consistently and get focused on a healthy, clean environment for your clients. This attitude will make your clients feel awesome and also your team member will enjoy working in a super clean environment.

Extreme Customer Service Attitude #5: All-Out, A Little Extra Attitude

This is where training and leadership is so critically crucially important in your business. You have to lead your team with the attitude of going all-out and doing a little extra for your clients. Commit to the little extras for your clients on a second by second basis.

Ask yourself each and everyday what can you do a little more to go all-out for your clients?

Always remember and instill this attitude into your team, you can always give a little more to guarantee the extreme customer service attitude is very evident in your business!

You should want to do more for those who invest in your business and even those that you are developing a new client relationship as they show interest in your business.

Your clients will want to continuously come back to you because they know that they can expect an all-out amazing breathtaking extraordinary experience.

To guarantee explosive results in your business, you have to maintain the culture of extreme customer service or else you could fail.

The loyalty between you and your clients is so important and providing extreme customer service will lock it in.

Go over these ‘5’ attitudes and share them with your team members to ensure loyalty with your clients!

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