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*15* Secrets on How to Choose to Win Versus Continue to Lose

Right now, it feels like Americans are experiencing a bad, never-ending losing streak in our nation.

Well, I can tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth as long as we maintain control over ourselves and start taking back our nation with capitalism by building successful businesses.

Here are *15* Secrets on How to Choose to Win Versus Continue to Lose that will empower you to fight back through your willingness to strive for excellence of your life and business…

Secret #1 – Willingness to Improve: Take a look at your current situation and be willing to improve to new levels. Understand that in your business, you’re marketing to people long-term and that you must have the mindset of always improving for them.

Physically, why not be in the greatest shape of your life? Emotionally, why not be more confident and bold?  Commit to strive for excellence in every area of your life and business by taking action steps to improve every single day.

Secret #2 – Willingness to Increase: Add more value to your life and business by increasing in the areas that matter the most.

Increase your commitment to daily personal development, healthy habits, outgoing phone calls, organization, customer service, etc.  Fine tune and increase the bonuses that you give to your customers to show them just how much they’re appreciated.  Find those little areas to increase in that will make a huge difference.

Secret #3 – Willingness to Accept Direction: Be willing to accept direction from mentors that will increase and improve your life. There’s a thin line between arrogance and confidence.

An arrogant person will reject constructive criticism from a mentor.  While a confident person will openly accept the direction to be guided on his success journey.  The ultimate choice is yours, but the outcome of that choice are two opposite paths – winning and losing.

Secret #4 – Willingness to Understand that Every Word: Just like one rotten apple will spoil the entire bushel, one negative word consistently spoken over your life or business will produce negative results.

What goes in your ears will come out of your mouth and predict your future.  If the old adage of “What you say is what you’ll have.” is true, then it’s your choice to change your words to reflect the future that you desire for yourself, your family, and your business.

Secret #5 – Willingness to Understand Invaluable Wisdom: The invaluable, intangible asset of wisdom is worth millions. How often do you sit and just listen to the wisdom of someone who has done what you want to do in life?

They’ve traveled down the road that you are currently traveling. They’ve overcome the obstacles and successfully navigated the detours throughout their success journey.  Most importantly, they’ve reached the end of the journey as a victor not a victim of life’s circumstances like most people. Be open to listen to and understand their wisdom. It’s absolutely priceless.

Secret #6 – Willingness to Develop Your Mind: Be willing to set aside time for your daily personal development.

When you choose to take a step back and see what is causing you to experience so many loses and very few wins, you’ll fully understand why you must take the time to develop your mind with positive books, teachings, sermons, etc.

I call it daily brainwashing, because we are washing our minds of all of the garbage that enters our ears and eyes whether we want it to or not. Remember, what goes in will come out so bombard your mind with empowering content that represents the results that you want to achieve.

Secret #7 – Willingness to Take Immediate Action: Stop thinking and take immediate action toward the achievement of your goals. Refuse to allow fear and procrastination to keep you stuck.

Take immediate action by faith even if you are literally shaking, because you are so nervous.  Use fear as your fuel to ignite your passion and desire to win in life!

Continuing to think about taking action one day will destroy your chances of ever achieving your goals. Plus we both know that “one day” will never come. There’s no such day in the calendar! When you live in the now and take immediate action, the doors of opportunity will begin to open and you can walk right through them.

Secret #8 – Willingness to be Intensive: There’s power in intensity.  Intense is defined as extreme force or strength.

When you’re intense with yourself personally and hold yourself accountable for your actions (or lack of action), then you become disciplined so that you can intensely focus on other areas of your life and business.

Secret #9 – Willingness to Understand the 2 to 5 Year Process: Just like a Coach can’t train a winning team in a few days. You can’t expect to achieve success overnight.

It takes that Coach an entire season season of practice and games to truly prepare his team to be champions.  Similarly, you must go through seasons of winning and losing to achieve your goals.

Success is a 2 to 5 year process, and you must commit to it long-term. No matter what anyone tells you… there are no shortcuts to success or becoming a champion!

Secret #10 – Willingness to Intimidate Fear with Faith: Be bold and be faithful. Stand for something or you’ll fall for everything!

Understand that fear is a bully that can be defeated by faith just like in the story of David and Goliath.  Young David ran toward Goliath and faithfully pulled out his slingshot to dominate the giant.

Decide today to stand up against your Goliath and run toward the fear that has smothered your faith for far too long!

Secret #11 – Willingness to Separate to Elevate:  Just like cream rises to the top, you must rise above anyone or anything holding you back from achieving success.

Pull out your cellphone and take a look at the last five people that you speak with on a regular basis.  Now, think about their level of success in their lives and businesses.  That’s your future.  You will become who you hang around. It’s inevitable!

Or maybe it’s something that’s been standing between you and your goals for a long-time, but it’s just easier to tolerate it, than get rid of it.  It’s time to separate to elevate yourself to victory!

Secret #12 – Willingness to Stand on Your Integrity: Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles.  I have a serious question for you… Do you ALWAYS stand on your integrity?

It’s very easy to compromise just a little bit every now and then, but remember, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  Bernie Madoff didn’t start out a master Ponzi schemer. His demise started with one wrong decision that led to a series of really bad decisions.

Now is that an extreme example. Yes, but compromising your integrity is a serious matter. You can’t take it back.  Stand on your principles and always take the highroad even if it isn’t the easiest way forward.

Secret #13 – Willingness to Learn from Defeat: No one likes to lose, but it’s part of the game of life that we all play.  How you handle losing is more important than the loss itself.

What did you learn from the defeat?  How did you improve your strategy so that you never make the same errors again that led to the loss?  Keep a playbook (journal) where you detail all of your losses and what you will do better next time.  Defeat builds character and strength as long as we are willing to be honest with ourselves about how we got there.

Secret #14 – Willingness to Accept Challenging Coaching:  The greatest sports teams are led by the greatest coaches who masterfully train the athletes to use their individual skills and talents to dominate the competition by becoming an unstoppable team.

This requires self-discipline and a willingness to accept challenging coaching.  When you get to your enough is enough line and are tired of losing or maybe just not winning enough, you must step out of your comfort zone and engage a coach who will challenge you to your next level.

Now, coaching isn’t for everyone.  It’s only for those who want to go from ordinary to absolutely EXTRAordinary!

Secret #15 – Willingness to Choose to Win: Mediocrity is the enemy of winning.  Why? Because it’s easy and comfortable.  But it’s also a waste of your God-given talent.

Why not choose to live life as a winner?  Yes, you will experience defeat, and it will suck.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. However, the taste of defeat makes your next win even sweeter.

Now, I know that you’ve heard me say that failure is a stepping stone to success.  Yes, I still believe that.  But failure should be the stone that you continually stand on for years!

When you set your mind on winning, being a lifelong loser isn’t an option!

I believe that America is still the greatest place on Earth to live.  We have so much opportunity. Our nation is blessed by our God, and He will never leave us.

Yes, it feels like we have been knocked down, but as long as we can look up… we can get up!

Make the decision today to implement these fifteen secrets in your life and intentionally choose to WINNER that God has called you to be as we fight for our future and the future of our nation.





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